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Australia's #1 hot dog brand.   

Happy 2020! Let's have a fun time.

Fresh flavour filled gourmet hot dogs made to order is all we do. Our unique style is always a talking point and our hot dog carts are literally awesome! We provide a complete service and the glamour of a stunning stainless steel designer hot dog cart rolling directly into your event is second to none. A family run business for over 15 years has a menu approach that works every single time.

Meet Frankfurt

Our Mission

  • To create awesome flavor sensations

  • To bring a real WOW to every occasion

  • To never compromise quality for profit

  • To create opportunity and growth

  • To lead by innovation and example

There is almost nowhere we cannot setup and serve and out doors is a crowd favourite during summer. If you are thinking of doing a BBQ and the crowd is a little overwhelming, drop us a line and have us do gourmet flavour hot dogs for you.

With our professional modular carts and experienced family business staff, our gourmet hot dog catering service has continued to add a wow factor to thousands of events across NSW for 15 years now.

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Kids parties are always popular and our mini-cart is simply perfect for the job! With 8 of our most popular pooch's the little ones simply love it. add a face painter and clown and your the best mum eva!