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Hot didely Dogs

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Hot didely Dogs is a family owned and operated catering service, providing a unique and delicious twist to your special events for over 23 years. We create at least 100 ways to enjoy a gourmet hot dog fresh onsite.

We specialise in corporate warehouse lunches, birthday parties, promotional events and much much more. Why not pop us a message and lets see if we can put a smile on the dile of your staff of associates.

Hot dog carts

Meet Jeffery

Hot Dog

F-1 Hot Dog Carts


Hot didely Dogs is dedicated to providing an unforgettable catering experience each and every time. Our custom built hot dog carts are easily rolled practically anywhere. Standard goods lifts can have us serving on level 45 within 60 minutes!


With our extensive range of delicious and creative menu options your event is always memorable and the inevitable call comes for a return visit to do it again and again.

Hot Dog Catering Service

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Nokia Hot Dog Xmas Party
hot dog party catering
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