Bar service (no cart)

Bar service (no cart)

Some times there simply is no way to get a cart into your location. Never fear... we can bring a menu to suit and equipment allowing the fun and flavor to be enjoyed from your existing kitchen or office space. One of our friendly members would be delighted to chat with you about options available.

  • The Cart

    Bar Style Service

    Have a flight of stairs to get to the backyard, too narrow a gate or maybe no goods lift at the office? No problem.This option consists of us bringing our equipment & condiments to setup in an adequate space provided ie - kitchen bench, tressle or table. It' is capable of serving our full menu range and includes staff. It's most useful for catering parties where our there is limited space or it is too tricky for our modular carts to setup.

    Equipment brought by us includes; Bain-marie steamer, Bun warming spikes, Laminated menus, Sauces & condiments and all relevant serving utensils.